The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening to reverse decades of progress. In just few months the virus has spread to every corner of the globe. We always prioritize safety first, not only to protect our employees, but also minimizing the impact on your business and operations. Below you will find details of some key elements of our crisis management strategy, including:

  • Planning for business continuity

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that, as your strategic partner, we are committed to conducting our business in the safest manner that we can while meeting our obligations to your satisfaction. We invite you to maximize our collaboration because working together is the strongest defense we have against this and any future health threat.

Domestic Travel Restriction

  • Domestic logistics impact
  • Local supply impact

If Domestic Travel Restriction is enforced between East and West Malaysia, our Kota Kinabalu Branch can still provide governor service and field service as usual.  We like to assure our customers that ACS looks into the supply chain disruption management very seriously so that you will not have a drastic impact to your business.  Should any of our facility is disrupted by the Covid-19 lockdown, or environmental contamination such as the Sungai Kim-Kim incident not so long ago, the other facility can complement the governor repair works in order to maintain business continuity and minimal operational disruption.

Our team has been actively engaged in defining the strategy for the COVID-19 outbreak response and they support continued vigilance through this situation. Thank you and Stay Safe.



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