Industrial Automation & Power Excitation

ABB Ability™ Distributed Control System


Freelance is a full-fledged distributed control system that combines the advantages of both worlds – DCS and PLC. It offers the small footprint of a PLC, together with the full functionality of a DCS. The integrated environment simplifies engineering, commissioning, maintenance and fieldbus management. The intuitive operator interface enables easy operation and diagnosis of the entire system.

ABB Ability™ System 800xA

AC 800M Control and I/O seamlessly integrate traditionally isolated Process, Power and Safety devices and systems into the 800xA system environment, thereby extending the reach of the automation system to all plant areas. The result is a simplified, software representation of the plant, from simple on/off-type switches and valves to smart field devices, dedicated control subsystems, variable-speed drives, intelligent switchgear, protection relays (IED) and popular PC-based supervisory systems.

ABB PLC Range of Products

Compact Product Suite

The Compact Product Suite is a comprehensive family of process automation and control products for your system integration and OEM business. It is the keystone to any automation task in the process industry where engineering efficiency matters.

These products can be combined as a tailored solution or, as standalones to complement an existing solution. However you use them, they will ensure high availability and enable increased productivity.



ABB offers a comprehensive range of scalable PLCs and robust HMI control panels.

Since its launch in 2006, the AC500 PLC platform has achieved significant industry recognition for delivering high performance, quality and reliability.

UNITROL® Excitation Systems

UNITROL® 1000 Series

The UNITROL® 1000 Series is ABB’s brushless excitation system for applications using synchronous machines ranging from 100kVA to 80MVA.



The UNITROL® 6000 series is specifically designed to serve the needs of generators within steam, gas, nuclear and hydro power plants as well as motors in process industries such as steel mills, pulp and paper, chemical, natural gas production plants and refineries.


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