HOLLIAS MACS-K Distributed Control System Architecture

Typical Configuration List Of Main Cabinet

1. Controller Unit

2. IO-Bus devices

3. Auxiliary power distribution board

4. MCB

5. AC/DC power conversion module

6. AC power distribution board

7. DC power distribution board

8. I/O and gateway devices

9. IO-BUS connector or terminator

LK Large Scale PLC for large scale applications for factory automation

LKS Safety PLC for functional safety for factories and infrastructure

LE Compact PLC for small to medium applications and single device control

LX High Performance Motion Controller which targets high- end and complex equipment

HiaGuard SIL3 Instrumented System


✓ Burner Management System (BMS)

✓ Gas Detection System (GDS)

✓ Process Shutdown System (PSD)

✓ Compressor Control System (CCS)

✓ Fire & Gas System (FGS)

✓ Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)

✓ Emergency Trip System (ETS)

✓ High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

Industries: Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical, New Material, Chemical, Pharmaceutical

Industrial Optical Bus Control System

✓  Supports 7 I/O types on each channel

✓  Explosion-proof design for installation at Zone 2 area of industrial field

✓  Contribute to carbon emissions reduction

✓  Support “carbon neutrality and sustainable development”

✓  Significant cost reduction with regards for future system upgrades and expansions

✓  Reduced cable usage

✓  Improves efficiency and reduces user operational risks

✓  Supports full redundancy configuration

✓  And many more……


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