With energy prices at all time highs, the cost of doing business has significantly increased. Steel facilities need the right tools to ensure they optimize energy usage across their facilities.

LumaSense addresses these needs by providing the most accurate measurements in the industry, enabling steel facilities to maximize their output. Without this level of accuracy, operators are forced to reheat more often than necessary, wasting valuable time, money and energy.

LumaSense offers a broad selection of solutions for metal processing with proven reliability in severe production environments. They are developed specifically for high temperature applications in the steel and primary metals industries.

Non-Contact Temperature Sensors for Improved Process Monitoring and Greater Efficiency in Glass Making Processes

Energy consumption represents a significant portion of the total glass production. The glass melting tank is where the process starts with sand, limestone, soda ash, and cullet fed into a furnace for melting. Furnaces can use fossil fuels or electricity for the heating process which represents about 80% of the total energy usage. While fossil fuels still remain relatively economical, nowadays electrical boosters are often used to enhance capacity or temperature uniformity.

Improved monitoring of the glass temperature can help ensure product uniformity and improve efficiency by reducing cycle time by controlling the melting process.

Another important factor is an effective insulation of the melting furnace as it suffers heavy wear and stresses caused by the continuous filling and emptying of molten glass.


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