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Micro-Grids Bridge Power Gap

As a clean, virtually inexhaustible source of energy, solar energy has been touted as a possible solution for Asia.

Despite its potential, solar energy still remains an intermittent energy source, which fluctuates during heavy cloud cover, rainfall, and disappears at night. Power grids need a stable balance between electricity generation and load demand – an overload or under-supply of energy can threaten grid stability, deteriorate power quality and cause power outages.

Micro-grids can help to bridge this gap in grid stability and resilience. They could be independent island grids that supply power to off-takers from both renewable and conventional (e.g. diesel) energy sources. They can export power to the main grid when there is energy surplus. In times of main grid failure, they can also separate themselves from the main grid to maintain stable power supply.

Micro-grids can also power remote islands that were previously geographically impossible or too expensive to link with a main grid. This positions micro-grids as the ideal solution to power up countries that need stable utility-quality electricity to keep up with their fast-paced economic development.

Narada Rechargeable Batteries

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