Cable Condition Monitoring Services

Our Cable Condition Monitoring Services performed with LIRA Technology will ensure highest quality from the first moment, as LIRA can detect all deteriorations and their severity which might have been induced during manufacturing, installation and operation.

All measurements data will be stored like a fingerprint for future introduction of condition based maintenance (CMB) based on regular assessments or incident based assessments-


  • Actionable input for asset management plans and maintenance strategy developments
  • Enables high availability at reduced total cost of ownership
  • Improved knowledge base enables reduced emergency repairs
  • Valuable input for network operation based on cable condition information
  • Additionally, consequence and necessary corrective action caused by accidental mechanical impact can be assessed more accurately by performing LIRA measurements to assess if the dielectric properties are changed


  • Best-in-class cable diagnostic system
  • Sensitive to small degradation and defects
  • Accurate Hot-Spots and deviations location
  • Non-intrusive and non-destructive
  • Applicable on multi-segment systems with different cable types
  • Pre-study/simulation of cable data and defects
  • Fast and simple connection to test object
  • Only one access point needed
  • “Zooming” feature to zoom in on the blind zone at the near end termination – at cable landfalls, in J-tubes, at subsea terminations, etc.


  • Transmission & Distribution Grid Owners
  • On- and Offshore Wind Farm owners
  • Subsea interconnector owners
  • Export Cable Owners for Offshore Wind Farms
  • Process Industry
  • Power Cables and Umbilicals in Oil- and Gas Industry
  • (Nuclear) Power Plants – I&C and Power Cables

Cable Manufacturers – Reference Measurements – Quality Control

A cable failure, independent if it is cause by internal or external strain to the cable, will in most cases change the impedance of the cable in the failure spot. A LIRA test will detect this and accurately locate the failure with accuracy better than 0.3% of the cable length.

This will dramatically save cost for the cable owner, as they can start the contingency plan knowing what equipment they must order to quickly repair the cable.

A LIRA test is a non-destructive test, where a 5V frequency sweep is applied to the cable. This means that the fault location test itself is harmless to the cable, and the LIRA test itself will not cause any more damage to the cable.

Cable Condition Monitoring Services

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