Batang Ai Hydro Electric Power Station Governors’ Retrofit

The 30 year old analog turbine governor and hydraulic pilot control to the inlet guide vane requires retrofitting as spares are obsolete.

Replacement work covers:


Demolishing the old analog governor control and install the new digital governor control panel with indicators and readout meters.


Removal of existing hydraulic pilot control and replace it with universal pilot control manifold to interface with existing main distribution valve.

New installation covers:


Proximity sensor on the existing speed sensing gear


Installed the LVDT to provide the position feedback of main distributing valve


Installed the MLDT on the actuator of wicket gate to provide position feedback.


A new HMI provides the user to operate the controls, as well as monitor the status of the hydro turbine generator via PC-based HMI’s that run on the developed software package. The HMI also indicates the real-time operating data, trending, alarm display, and controller configuration.


The state-of-the art Woodward MicroNet Plus controls the 28MW generator hydro turbine.

It is the electronic brain to control the turbines hydraulic control system, and interfaces with the plant’s DCS.

AVR/Excitation Systems Retrofit

Sarawak Energy Bhd’s Batang Ai Hydro Electric Power Plant required the retrofitting of the existing Meiden static excitation system on four (4) units of their hydro turbines (4 x 27MW). The existing Meiden static excitation system is obsolete and has limited manufacturer’s support.

Automation & Control Systems Sdn Bhd replaced the obsolete system with ABB UNITROL® 6080 D4 Dual Channel Static Excitation System. The works include design, engineering and supply of ABB UNITROL® 6080 D4 Dual Channel Static Excitation System, on-site installation, site commissioning and training.

Batang Ai HEP

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