Kalamuku Mini Hydro governor and power management control retrofit

The Kalamuku mini hydro generator is a Nikki Corpn Pelton type rated at 535 KW x 2 units.  Sarawak Energy Sdn. Bhd has requested for a retrofit proposal to change out the mechanical/hydraulic governor as the old system is obsolete.

Moreover, the station is located in a remote area and it needed a type of smart governing system that can gauge the dam’s level to maximize its generating capacity.  The new recommended system shall also be much more robust and require minimal maintenance.

A Woodward 828 digital control system was the choice with load dependency on dam water level.

The new controls perform speed control, auto synchronizing, and load control to optimize generation capacity.

The all-electric actuators replaced the hydraulic actuator that controls the needle and the deflector. Speed sensing is achieved using magnetic pick-up.

Obsolete Mechanical Hydraulic governor UGHT was demolished

New control panel with electronic governing system, auto-sync, load management controls, generator protection and HMI.

All-electric Actuators controlling the Needle and the Deflector

Kalamuku Mini Hydro governor and power management control retrofit

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