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United Plantation at Ulu Bernam wanted a very complex power management system that enables both new Prime Mill and Optimill which are located about a kilometre apart to load share and assist in providing back up power when needed.

In this project, we use the Woodward easYgen 3000XT is a all-in-one powerful package, multi-function and economically sustainable for genset control includes engine start/stop, AMF Operation (Automatic Mains Failure), synchronization, logic programming, with genset protection as well.

In addition, the Woodward LS-5 were used in combination with the easYgen-3400/3500. The LS-5 devices manage synchronization, loading and un-loading on each bus segment. With this package, they are able to control complex power management applications with multiple incoming Utilities (Mains), bus tie-breakers and gensets. At the same time, these controls provide protection for gensets, Utilities and all bus segments.

This power management scheme enables Optimill’s 2.8 MW steam turbine generators x 2 units, 1.1 MW steam turbine generator x 1 and a 800KW diesel engine to load share via fibre optic with the Prime Mill which consist of 1.2MW steam turbine generators x 2 units and a 1MW Biogas engine x 1 and the utility mains (when needed).

It was indeed a challenging project albeit a satisfying achievement by our team.

United Plantations Bhd

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